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The CDC says nearly 1 in 6 individuals gets sick from foodborne illness because of poor food safety, 128,000 are hospitalized and 3,000 die from foodborne diseases each year. Many people, such as pregnant women or the elderly, are at risk of getting severely sick from foodborne illness. Check out our food safety tips for your commercial

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Kristen Suzanne is an accomplished Raw food chef and former competitive bodybuilder. Through radio, television, books, classes, and her blog and email newsletter, Chef Kristen Suzanne helps people live life to the fullest with the healthiest cuisine in the world. Kristen is based in Scottsdale, AZ, and offers the following services:


Their performance, above all others, prevents food poisoning and creates order. The "dishwasher" may also do basic food prep and help receive and put away deliveries. They often know as much or more about how to take apart and reassemble equipment plus what to do to keep things running properly. Take the time to hire and train these people ...

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Start studying Food Handlers Quiz. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. ... and then chop raw meat Handle money, prepare a sandwich, and pour the beverage. Chop raw onion, then raw meat, and put both into a skillet ... Timing food preparation to be ready for wait staff to serve

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Food Safety Signs. Food preparation areas in facilities need special procedures to control contamination issues and keeping the food free from unwanted bacteria. You can ensure that food items are handled properly in your facility with Food Safety Signs.

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Food Processing Equipment Process Prepared Systems Our fryers, ovens, branders, searers, and breading/batter applicators equip processors with the control they need to prepare and cook consistently superior meat, poultry, seafood, vegetables and baked goods.

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Mar 29, 2019· It is important to maintain high standards in industrial kitchens and restaurants; however, a large amount of food poisoning cases happen in the home. It is important to set up your kitchen for easy cleaning and disposal. Learn how to maintain food processing equipment to prevent food …

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By far the most common questions that I get are to do with raw food kitchen equipment. So I decided to do it once for all. . . I'm creating my definitive list of favourite stuff for the kitchen. I'll keep this updated too, so you'll know that it's my latest recommendations. BTW, if you're a manufacturer and want to send me a bit of kit to take a look at for this list, drop us an email.

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Raw Organic Meal Shake & Meal Replacement. Raw Organic Meal is a delicious organic MEAL-ON-THE-GO packed with incredible nutrition to help you satisfy hunger, manage weight and feel great! Raw Organic Meal uniquely combines the goodness of multiple Garden of Life products in one complete raw organic meal replacement.

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Sep 15, 2016· People think it takes a lot of work to follow a raw food diet, so today I'm showing you how I shop, what I buy, and how I prep my food on a low fat, raw vegan diet. I'm also sharing some tips I ...

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Jun 12, 2013· Raw materials (ingredients, processing aids, and packaging materials) are the foundation of finished food products. As such, they must meet regulatory requirements (safe and legal for your intended use) and your specifications (contribute to the functionality and …


It deals with two of the five sources of food contamination. Having studied raw materials (module 2), this module focuses on the food preparation environment and the equipment. Street food preparation and sale can in practice occur in the same place (especially on stationary food preparation/vending sites) or in different locations.

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Set Up Your Raw Food Kitchen. Stocking your kitchen with the appropriate raw food equipment and ingredients will make food preparation easy. Having these items on hand will allow you to make any recipe in Raw Food Made Easy for 1 or 2 People and Raw For Dessert. But don't feel that you need to buy everything at once.

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As you might imagine, the equipment you use with raw food is a bit different from what you use in a regular kitchen. For example, you don't need a stove or a microwave, because you won't be cooking anything. There are actually numerous raw food appliances that make preparation easier, but only a few are truly essential.

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Jul 28, 2018· From fitness models showing off their perfectly portioned containers to professional athletes measuring out macros, vegan meal prep has become a pretty big trend in healthy eating. When people think of meal prepping, they may feel overwhelmed, believing you need to have tons of free time, lots of money or fancy kitchen equipment.

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Food Service: We offer more than 80,000 different products for foodservice needs, including appliances, food safe storage and prep, vending machines, lunchroom seating and more.. Caterers, restaurants, delis, and other foodservice providers find all of their equipment and supplies here at Global.

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Find the Right Type of Restaurant Equipment for Your Business. Restaurant equipment includes anything used to prepare, cook, heat, and store your food. Whether you're looking to outfit your upscale restaurant, school cafeteria, or food truck, we're sure to have the commercial restaurant equipment and appliances you need.

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Oct 19, 2017· The BEST meal prep containers, equipment and tools that will help you prep healthy, portable lunches, freezer-friendly dinners, and an organized fridge. Hi hi hi! It has been quite awhile since we last talked meal prep containers on the blog…a whole year, actually!

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This is because these types of food won't be cooked before you eat them, so any bacteria that get onto the food won't be killed. To help stop bacteria from spreading: don't let raw food such as meat, fish or vegetables touch other food; don't prepare ready-to-eat food using a chopping board or knife that you have used to prepare raw food ...

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Preparation. Always wash hands with warm water and soap for 20 seconds before and after handling food. Don't cross-contaminate. Keep raw meat, poultry, fish, and their juices away from other food. After cutting raw meats, wash cutting board, utensils, and countertops with hot, soapy water.

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For other great equipment for your kitchen, be sure to check out our commercial restaurant ranges, commercial fryers, and ovens. If you're wondering where to buy food preparation equipment, we have a large selection of food preparation equipment for sale at the lowest prices.

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Raw food recipes using easy-to-find ingredients and that are simple to make. Quick raw food recipes and easy raw desserts. Perfect for beginners. By Laura-Jane The Rawtarian.

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A kitchen utensil is a hand-held, typically small tool that is designed for food-related functions. Food preparation utensils are a specific type of kitchen utensil, designed for use in the preparation of food. Some utensils are both food preparation utensils and eating utensils; for instance some implements of cutlery – especially knives – can be used for both food preparation in a ...

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A sanitation plan is important in any food service preparation area. It ensures that all surfaces are cleaned on a regular basis and reduces the risks of transferring bacteria or other pathogens from an unclean surface to clean equipment such as cutting boards or tools.

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Home Healthy living Food and nutrition Food safety and hygiene Preparing and cooking food safely. ... cleaning - making sure your hands, surfaces and equipment are clean before, during and after cooking; cooking - making sure food is cooked throughout to kill harmful bacteria ... before you prepare, cook or eat food; after handling raw food ...

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Making your own raw food gives you the most control over what goes into your 's food, allowing you to select the meats and supplements you use. Contrary to what many people think, homemade raw food meals are usually less expensive than canned diets. The supplemented, ground food can be a foundation of nutrition.

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Separate work areas, utensils and equipment for raw and cooked food would in practice mean colour-coded knives, boards, clothes etc., and in larger kitchens separate work areas. Remember that all utensils and equipment must be clean and sanitised before beginning the process of food preparation. Clean as you go. Interactive exercise: